Should You Have Landscaping Blocks on Your Property?

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Using landscaping blocks is an excellent way to create luxurious and functional structures in a property. Compared to other traditional masonry and landscape stone materials, this building material is easier to install and more affordable. Aside from that, landscaping blocks can offer various practical advantages to enhance your landscape’s versatility and curb appeal.

At Cairns Retaining Walls, we aim to provide innovative and cost-friendly services and solutions to all our clients. That is why our crew have curated the best ways to use landscaping blocks on your property. Look into the diverse uses of landscaping blocks so you can have an idea for your next home improvement project.

What are Landscaping Blocks?

Landscaping blocks are a construction material that usually comes in an array of block shapes, textures, sizes, materials and finishes. Many homeowners in Cairns prefer using landscaping blocks. This material doesn’t usually require an adhesive or mortar to be stacked together. Most of the landscaping block’s varieties have an overhanging lip that grasps the block underneath them and a self-locking flange on their back. These features allow efficient and quick installation, especially if the blocks are used on walls and other landscaping features.

Top Landscaping Block Ideas for Your Property

Functional Retaining Walls

Landscaping blocks are typically used for retaining walls because they can be easily designed and installed with this type of structure. These blocks are robust and long-lasting, so they are suitable materials for creating stable retaining walls for residential and commercial applications. Retaining walls made of landscaping blocks can help resolve erosion problems in your property because they can effectively hold the soil in place. Besides that, you can also create the design and look you prefer for your retaining walls because these blocks are extremely versatile and customizable.

Aesthetic Free-standing Walls

A free-standing wall is a landscape feature that can upscale the space’s curb appeal and visual interest. Besides that, this structure can also be an efficient way to divide or break up large spaces in outdoor areas. It is built with short stature, so they don’t usually need additional drainage and large footings. The landscaping blocks used for building free-standing walls are different from the ones used for retaining walls. Although they are constructed similarly, the blocks used for free-standing walls can be viewed from both sides. The landscaping blocks do not have a projecting lip and a self-locking flange on their back. Due to the absence of these features, the blocks will not be able to hold the structure together. You have to secure and attach the blocks with mortar or construction adhesive.

Rustic Fire Pits

If you wish to spend your lovely summer evenings outdoors with your family, it might be the time to build an outdoor fire pit in your outdoor living area. You can use various materials for your fire pit, but one of the most classic options you can try are landscaping blocks. You can hire a certified team to design and build you a rustic and cozy fire pit. Use the block style and shape that can seamlessly match your existing landscape as well as your design preferences. You can also integrate wall caps to frame and add a finishing touch to your fire pit made of landscaping blocks.