3 Creative Retaining Wall Ideas You Should Try

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When it comes to upscaling your outdoor spaces, the sky is the limit. However, it might not be the same with the budget and area you need to work with. But don’t fret because there are various cost-friendly ways to improve the functionality and appeal of your landscape. One of the best landscape features you can try is retaining walls. Retaining walls will not just help you deal with uneven slopes. They can also be an excellent way to reimagine and redefine your exteriors.

At Cairns Retaining Walls, we build landscaping solutions that will help our clients make the best use of their property and create functional areas that will suit their lifestyles and preferences. Our team greatly recommends retaining walls because they can strengthen the foundation of your space, add depth and increase the curb appeal of your landscape. Moreover, this landscape feature is also a cost-efficient investment that will improve the resale value of your property while letting you make the most of your time outdoors for the years to come.

So, if you plan to erect a retaining wall in your space or you want to upscale the look and functionality of your existing walls, here are some creative retaining wall ideas you can try. Curate your personal oasis and check out the ideas we have gathered for you!

Integrate Water Features with Your Walls

Although most retaining walls are usually utilized to hold back the soil in the yard or garden, you can also use this landscaping feature in a more creative way. You can integrate water features like fountains and swamps with your retaining walls to create a modern and welcoming appeal to your exteriors. This project can be an excellent idea for those who wish to achieve unconventional styles for their yard. It is also a good addition to your space if the primary purpose of your retaining walls is for aesthetic appeal.

Install Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are one of the contemporary takes on retaining walls. They are usually seen in business settings, but they can also be a great feature for residential projects through proper installation and quality materials. Due to the basket’s open-wire design, this material is a budget-friendly alternative compared to pressure treated timber or concrete retaining walls. This design is notable for those who prefer a modern and practical design for their retaining walls. Besides that, you can also fill them based on the theme of your space or the aesthetic you are going for. You can use concrete blocks, natural stones, pebbles or irregularly shaped flagstones.

Try Adding Accent Lighting

If you already have retaining walls, this idea might be of help to you. In some cases, retaining walls made of concrete or natural stone may seem plain but don’t worry because you can spice up your walls using some accent lighting. You can enhance the ambience of your walls using various LED outdoor lights. Place them on different areas in your walls or integrated stairs to accentuate the structure of your landscape. Adding some outdoor lighting is also a great way to illuminate your landscape at night, so you can also add them to some parts of your garden, pathway and other outdoor spaces.